Charm City Radio 107.7

Here We Go!!!

September 4th, 2020

And.. here we are.  After months of planning, prayer, and preparation Charm City Radio 107.7 is here and boy what an adventure it has been thus far!  We’ve created this station for the community as a gift of love with the hopes of creating the truest, purest, kindest, form of community by creating connections.

Connections you ask?  Yes connections.  People cannot exist without connecting with others on various levels.  Be it your local pharmacist, your neighbor, or your family… these connections are essential.  Our goal is to create a community of listeners, artists, businesses, and advocates that are essential to each other.  Our community does not discriminate based on who you are, where you live, nor who you love.  All are welcome.  Coretta Scott King said “the greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” 

We know this won’t be easy, and as we move along the journey of launching a station that will be a voice of the people, we encourage you to come along on this journey with us.  We need you!  Yes, if you are reading this blog post WE NEED YOU.  Charm City Radio’s success will only be as great as the community that supports us, and each other.

So come along on this journey with us by subscribing to the newsletter, following this blog, and visiting us on all our social media platforms.  We promise to keep you engaged, informed, entertained, and inspired. 

Be blessed and bless someone!!

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