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Who we are?

Charm City Internet Radio is owned and operated by Monique & Betteenia Turman. We are a part of the LGBTQ community and pride ourselves on helping people from all cultures and backgrounds. Our goal is to make Charm City Internet Radio 107.7 a voice for the people, by including creative artists, small businesses, outreach initiatives, and advocating for the needs of marginalized communities. This is key to the success of communities in Baltimore and beyond. Read our full story……

Principles of Charm City Radio 107.7

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to promote small businesses, unsigned artists, and other creatives by providing a global platform that showcases talent and connects artists with the community. We are also focused on advocating for issues that directly impact our collective communities here and abroad.

Community is Essential

What is community to us? Community is “Us”. A collective where all people from different places, races,beliefs,and cultures can come together for the greater good of everyone. Community to us is a place where children can play,learn from each other, and find commonality in things beyond their imagination. Community is not just a common phrase often used to define neighborhoods, but an action that requires work and unity to actually be deemed as such. It it our hope and prayer that we are able to help promote and unite people by way of music, creative expressions, business networking, and more. We are determined to provide a platform that is inclusive to all.

Our Goal Fuels Our Mission

The goal of Charm City Radio 107.7 is to connect community. The idea of reaching our goal is not enough for us because often times after the goal has been reached, the mind assumes the work is done period. Here at Charm City Radio 107.7, we believe the work is never done and it is a continuous effort. Our mission is to ensure that all people are able to be successful, create community, and connections that will uplift everyone. Collective work and responsibility are essential.

Join us on the Moe & Ms. Bee Show

Tune in to our show that will cover various topics including race, relationships, religion, politics, the LGBTQ community and what’s hot and what’s not. We would love to hear your questions and your thoughts!

Listen to the Hottest Independent Artist

You will be listening to music from artist from various places in the world, with genres that will appeal to anyone.

The Business and Resource Hub

Are you looking for a specific business, professional service, or outreach group? This section will be continuously growing as more businesses, professionals, and groups begin to advertise with us. We encourage you to visit the page frequently to see the growing list and support these businesses frequently.


Looking for ways to volunteer? Get engaged with your community? Find help advancing your non-profit organization? Follow Charm City Radio 107.7 and we will help connect you with outreach opportunities.

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